The Architect’s Guide to SaaS Migration

A presentation at SUGCON EU 2022 in in Budapest, Hungary by Jason St-Cyr

Sitecore has been pretty loud about going to SaaS and the Composable DXP, and the future sounds great, but what do you do to actually get there? If you already have a platform installation with years of investment into getting it just how you like, how do you get to this magical new Composable galaxy of connected products? Do you need a full rebuild? Do you need Next.js or not? Where does content go now? What are the benefits and downsides?

Don’t panic.

In this session we’ll look at a quick overview of the developer options available, and then dive into a few specific scenarios. For each scenario, we’ll show a path for how you can take that existing XM/XP architecture to the latest composable architecture, and what the advantages and disadvantages are to that approach.



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